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Jiangsu Huilian Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Huilian Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Huilian Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise jointly funded by Wuxi Industrial Development Group and Shanhai (Hong Kong) Investment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Lianyungang Port Group. It is located in Ganyu Marine Economic Development Zone, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, with registered capital of 21 million US dollars and an area of 230 mu. It is mainly engaged in the sorting and smelting and processing of imported scrap aluminium. Important enterprises, design annual output of various aluminum alloy ingots 300,000 tons.

The company adopts advanced flotation and eddy current separation equipment in China to improve the separation accuracy and efficiency of scrap aluminium; in the smelting stage, many advanced smelting and energy-saving technologies, such as regenerative combustion, low temperature smelting, electromagnetic stirring, tilting rotary furnace treatment technology, are at a high level in the industry; the company has scientific and reasonable production and processing technology and complete quality testing equipment, and passed smoothly. It has certificated the relevant system in the industry, and has its own core technology in the research and development and production of aluminium alloy ingot products. The product quality has been recognized by the majority of customers.

The company's main business brands: ADC12, ADC10, ADC1, AlSi12Cu1, AlSi9Cu3, A380 and so on.

The company actively carries out relevant national policies, devotes itself to the development of circular economy, adhering to the concept of "limited resources, unlimited regeneration", and strives to promote the recycling industry of scrap aluminium resources to make due contributions to the conservation of resources and the development of low-carbon economy.

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  • JIS H2118:2006
  • ASTM B179-06
  • B/T 15115-2009
  • GB/T 8733-2007
  • U.K.BS1490
  • DIN EN 1706:1998
Core Competence of Enterprises
  • Advantages of Brand Management in State-owned Enterprises
    Advantages of Brand Management in State-owned Enterprises

    Give full play to the management advantages of state-owned enterprise brand groups and form a complete global industrial chain layout

    Integration of upstream and downstream resources to ensure customer satisfaction with excellent products

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  • Advantages of product and service
    Advantages of product and service

    On the Basis of Perfect After-sales Service Team

    Serving every customer with good faith

    Widely recognized by the industry and widely recognized by the industry

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  • Equipment Advantage
    Equipment Advantage

    Using advanced flotation and smelting equipment at home and abroad

    Provide guarantee for stable operation of production and continuous improvement of product quality

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  • Location advantages
    Location advantages

    Enterprises are adjacent to Lianyungang Port, which is a convenient sea passage for exporting emerging East Asian economic circle.

    Provide very convenient conditions for Japan and Korea to carry out import and export trade

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    Become the leading enterprise in recycled aluminium industry




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