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Technological process

Waste Utilization Process

The technological process of the company's aluminium scrap processing is shown .

Sewage Treatment Intermediate Pool

The main processes of processing and utilizing imported aluminium scrap are described as follows:

(1) Screening flotation: aluminium scraps pass through the sieving flotation system. The sieving flotation system mainly includes magnetic separation, eddy separation, water washing, one-stage gravity separation and two-stage gravity separation. The purpose is to separate dust and other inclusions from aluminium scraps. This process produces washing wastewater, scrap iron and steel, scrap copper and zinc, scrap plastics, etc.

(2) Ingredients: Pretreated scrap aluminium is proportioned according to the composition of the alloy to be produced during production.

(3) Melting and scraping slag: The pretreated waste aluminium is added to the ingot melting furnace to melt. After the waste aluminium is melted, the refiner, magnesium remover (mainly sodium chloride, potassium chloride), silicon and copper are added to mix. This process produces waste gas and ash.

(4) Composition adjustment: After removing the ash and slag from the molten aluminium, pure liquid aluminium is obtained, heated continuously, and then rapid analysis is carried out before the furnace. Components are adjusted according to the analysis results. If the magnesium exceeds the standard, magnesium remover is added until the sampling and analysis components are qualified. This process produces ash.

(5) Refining and standing: Refining mainly includes slagging and degassing. Nitrogen is used as degassing agent to remove hydrogen and water vapor from the melt (which is brought in from the washed raw aluminum). After refining, the aluminium alloy melt has to go through a period of static, so that the slag in the melt floats, and further purify the liquid aluminium, the static time is about 10-20 minutes. This process produces waste gas and ash.

(6) Ingot and stacking: Aluminum liquid is injected into the ingot casting machine for ingot casting. In order to cool the ingot rapidly and obtain a better surface, water should be sprayed immediately after the ingot surface solidifies. This process produces waste gas and wastewater.

(7) Treatment of aluminium slag: Al2O3 is generally contained in aluminium slag. Aluminum in aluminium slag is precipitated into slag ingot by rotary stirring in rotary furnace, and aluminium ash is beaten back to rotary furnace and reheated to recover aluminium.

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Address: 24 Shengshi North Road, Ganyu Marine Economic Development Zone, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province

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