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Purpose of Recovery of Domestic Waste Aluminum

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Purpose of Recovery of Domestic Waste Aluminum

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The pretreatment technology of domestic waste aluminium is still very simple and backward. Even in large-scale recycled aluminium plants, there is no advanced waste aluminium pretreatment technology. At present, the following pretreatment technologies are mainly used.

The purpose of aluminium scrap pretreatment is to remove other metals and impurities from aluminium scrap, classify aluminium scrap according to its composition, make full use of its alloy composition, and treat oil, oxide and coating on aluminium scrap surface. The result of pretreatment is that scrap aluminium is treated into furnace charge which meets the feeding conditions. Fourth, make the use of aluminium (including alumina) in aluminium-containing waste material economical and reasonable.

Purpose of Recovery of Domestic Waste Aluminum

In general, scrap aluminium with a single variety or basically no other impurities does not undergo complex pretreatment, but is stacked separately according to the type and composition of scrap aluminium.

A waste aluminium can be smelted in the furnace without any pretreatment. When smelting a certain kind of aluminium alloy, the waste aluminium of the corresponding composition and variety can be directly added to the reverberatory furnace for smelting, and the corresponding grade of aluminium alloy can be easily smelted. Some scrap aluminium with high content of copper and zinc can also be used as master alloys for adjusting the composition of aluminium alloys in smelting process. In enterprises using small reverberatory or crucible furnaces, large scrap aluminium should be crushed (shear or other methods) to meet the feeding requirements quickly.

It is worth mentioning that a small amount of non-aluminium metals, such as screw-fixed scrap aluminium doors and windows, will be mechanically entrained in a single scrap aluminium. Although the content is very small, it will seriously affect the quality of the alloy, so it is separated before smelting.

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