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Recycling of recycled aluminium is based on consumption of raw aluminium

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Recycling of recycled aluminium is based on consumption of raw aluminium

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With the continuous development of China's economy, the import and export of goods are also increasing. The import rate of scrap aluminium is also expanding, which makes the aluminium price of exporting countries rising. Some countries are aware of the urgent need to develop their own recycled aluminium industry, thus limiting the export of aluminium.

Since 1990, China's import of scrap aluminium has continued to rise, and the recovery of scrap aluminium has graduasame period.

lly increased from 5500 tons at that time to 653,000 tons in 2003. Aluminum scrap exports very little every year, usually only a few thousand tons. From January to November 2004, China imported 105 million tons of scrap aluminium directly, an increase of 79.4% over the previous year. In the same period, aluminium scrap exports were 3 367 tons, a cumulative decrease of 66% over the 


Recycling of recycled aluminium is based on consumption of raw aluminium

In 2000, for example, the Russian government raised the export tax rate (50%) on copper and aluminium scraps. It is expected that the growth rate of China's scrap aluminium imports will slow down dramatically in 2005.

When the use of aluminium reaches a certain period, it begins to enter the payback period. The scrap life of aluminium products in China is 15 years, and the recovery rate of aluminium scrap is about 75%. In 1990, China consumed about 830,000 tons of raw aluminium, 250,000 tons of scrap aluminium and 1.08 million tons of total aluminium. Fifteen years later, in 2005, the amount of recyclable aluminium waste in China should be around 810,000 tons.

The consumption of primary aluminium is the basis of recycling of recycled aluminium. The primary growth rate of aluminium consumption 15 years ago was basically the growth rate of scrap aluminium. After the 1990s, China's aluminium consumption began to grow rapidly. In 1990, the domestic primary consumption of aluminium was 830,000 tons. By 2003, China's primary aluminium consumption reached 5.11 million tons, with an average annual growth rate of more than 16%. China's aluminium scrap recovery period is 15 years. Starting from 2005, China's aluminium scrap recovery will enter a rapid growth stage, and the annual growth rate is expected to exceed 16%.

According to the statistics of international itative agencies, in 2002, the proportion of recycled aluminium in total aluminium production in developed countries averaged 30.9%.

From 1992 to 2002, the total output of aluminium in western countries increased from 203.66 million tons to 25.46 million tons, of which the output of recycled aluminium increased from 5.47 million tons to 7.86 million tons, an increase of 43.7%, much higher than that of raw aluminium. In 2001, the world's per capita consumption of recycled aluminium was 2 kg, that of the United States was 12.56 kg, and that of China was only 1.02 kg, which was only 1/2 of the world's per capita consumption. Therefore, the development of aluminium scrap in China has great space and broad prospects.

For a long time, China's aluminium consumption has reached a worrying level. By the end of 2003, the total amount of aluminium reached 52,035,200 tons, indicating that the future available scrap aluminium resources are guaranteed and will increase year by year. On the other hand, China has entered a renewal cycle in many fields such as automobiles, household appliances, computers, mobile phones and so on, and its annual elimination rate is quite large. At the same time, renewable metal resources eliminated in power, cable, mechanical and electrical equipment, electronics, communications, transportation, construction, decoration and other industries are also increasing. It is estimated that from 2004 to 2010, China's aluminium scrap accumulated about 43 million tons.

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