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Unique Characteristics of Aluminum Powder

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Unique Characteristics of Aluminum Powder

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Aluminum powder is commonly known as "silver powder", that is, silver metal pigments, pure aluminium foil with a small amount of lubricant, smashed into scaly powder, and then polished.

1. The characteristics of scaly covering: the aluminium powder particles are scaly, and the ratio of diameter to thickness is about (40:1) ~ (100:1). When aluminium powder is dispersed on the carrier, it is parallel to the matrix. Many aluminium powders are interconnected, and large and small particles are filled into each other to form a continuous metal film, covering the substrate and reflecting light outside the film. This is the unique covering power of aluminium powder.

2. Shielding characteristics: Aluminum powder dispersed in the carrier floats on the carrier, and the result always makes it parallel to the matrix covered by the carrier, forming a continuous layer of aluminum powder, which is arranged parallel in the carrier membrane. Each layer of aluminium powder is staggered and the capillary micropore of carrier membrane is cut off. External water and gas cannot reach the matrix through the capillary pore.

Unique Characteristics of Aluminum Powder

3. Optical properties: Aluminum powder is made of light-colored, High-metallic luster aluminium. Its surface is smooth, reflecting 60-90% of visible, ultraviolet and infrared light. Aluminum powder coating is used, the surface is silver-white and bright, which has the characteristics of reflecting light of aluminium powder.

4. Characteristic of "two-color effect": Aluminum powder has the characteristics of metallic luster, which is parallel to the coating material. In carriers containing transparent pigments, the glossiness and color of aluminium powder change with the change of incident angle and angle of view of incident light, which is called "two-color effect". Aluminum powder is arranged in layers in the coating. When the incident light is irradiated on each layer of aluminium scale, the reflective light is different due to the different weakening degree of the coatings with different thickness.

5. Floating characteristics: One of the main types of aluminium powder and slurry used in pigments is the floating type, which is characterized by scaly floating on the surface of the coating. Aluminum powder is a kind of metal pigment with light weight, high floatability, strong covering power, good light and heat reflectivity.

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